8 Week Marketing Transformation

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8 Week Marketing Transformation


An Aggressive One-On-One Program For Rapidly Growing Your ISO Business

Working together we will help you create a new marketing-driven funnel for your business.

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What You Can Expect During The Next 8 Weeks

Over the next eight weeks, we will help you develop a fully customized marketing process for your business.

In our experience working with thousands of financial professionals over the years, we have found that there are three key areas of focus that are fundamental to producing predictable results.

Target Market Development and Refinement

Having a well-defined target market is crucial to the success of any business. With the low barriers to entry and thousands of ISO competitors chasing the same deals, it is more important than ever for you to find a way to stand out from the crowd. By the end of the program, you will have a well-articulated niche for your ISO business. More importantly, you will be confident in your ability to reach this target market effectively and be well on your way to positioning yourself as the go-to financing provider for your chosen market segment.

Additional Target Market Action Items: Messaging, Marketing Reach, Understanding Your Addressable Market

Audience Acquisition and Channel Framework

Our next step, after defining your target market, will be the acquisition of your audience. Why rely on purchased lists or advertising on someone else's platform when you can acquire an audience of your own? The goal will be to develop a robust list of prospects, clients (current and past), and referral partners that fit with the target market for your business. Then we will structure your channel framework to market to this audience with minimal friction. As a bonus, we will spend time implementing processes for growing your audience over time so you'll never run out of leads.

Recommendations Likely to Include: Email, Social, Video, Webinars, and Events

Implementing Core Digital Funnel Elements

Marketing's job is to deliver qualified leads to the sales process. In this third phase of our program, we will focus on implementing funnel elements that move a lead from being a member of your target market to a member of your marketing audience and into the lead qualification process. Once in the lead qualification process, we will establish a predictive model for delivering these newly qualified leads to your sales process.

Process Over Technology: Too often, we find financial professionals get hung up on marketing automation tools. What's most important is that we focus on a process that fits your business and is proven to be effective with your target market. 

How Will We Work Together

Once you are accepted into the program we will agree upon a start date. From there you can expect the following:

Weekly One-On-One Calls

Each week we will have an agenda and a set of goals for our call. The function of the call is to spur action. We want you to move fast with an eye toward a rapid transformation of your business. 

Ongoing Digital Collaboration

In addition to our weekly scheduled calls, we will collaborate on the implementation of your marketing initiatives via email and other digital tools.

Specific Strategic Recommendations - In Writing

We will create a shared folder for collaboration and the sharing of our strategic recommendations. This folder and the documents it contains will be yours to keep.