Strategic Guidance

Your firm chose the financial professional model to go to market and service client relationships for a reason. Financial decisions are very intimate for consumers and they require a high level of personal trust and engagement. The challenge is that the methods financial professionals used to build their books of business in the past are no longer effective in today's digital landscape. Consumer expectations have changed.

We can help your firm formulate a plan to provide your distributed team of financial professionals with the tools and skills they need to build, expand and defend their practices in today's environment.

Seminars and Live Training

Like most organizations in your market segment, you use conferences as a tool to bring your professionals together, to create a connectedness with the brand, and to educate them on the latest products, services, and best practices for their business. Increasingly, technology and digital marketing is becoming a bigger part of the equation for all businesses and financial advisors, agents and wholesalers are not immune to this trend. They are aware of the world around them and hungry for hands-on training as well as a display of confidence from the enterprise.

Adding digital marketing tracks to your conference can provide a huge spark for attendees. What they want most when they attend your conference is to learn how to win new clients, increase the share of wallet they have with their existing clients, and to keep their clients longer. We can help you deliver that.

If you would like to learn more about how we can work with your firm please feel free to call us at 512.827.8372 or use the contact us form and we'll get back to you promptly.