Knowledge Gleaned From Working With Tens of Thousands of Financial Professionals

It takes years to develop the knowledge and skills we teach in our courses on finservMarketing. Over the years we have worked with tens of thousands of financial advisors, insurance agents, and asset management wholesalers. We have helped individuals and worked with the enterprise to develop digital marketing strategies for their financial professionals.

Prior to launching finservMarketing our client roster included Fidelity Investments, Morgan Stanley, Lincoln Financial, Ameriprise, American Portfolios, Ameritas, SSN, Next Financial, Penn Mutual, State Street, as well as many fin-tech players. What we discovered in working with these firms and their professionals is that there is a huge education and training gap when it comes to marketing.

Today’s financial professional needs digital marketing like he or she needs oxygen. Prospects, clients and referral partners are all using digital tools as fundamental components of their day to day lives. Financial pros need to be right there with them in a meaningful way.
— Mike Langford
Mike Langford, Founder & CEO

Mike Langford, Founder & CEO

Tailor-made Founder

Mike Langford is a rare breed. His skills and experience uniquely bridge the financial services and the digital marketing world. As a 20 year veteran of the financial services industry and a pioneer in the use of digital marketing for financial professionals in their practices Mike has had the tremendous honor to work with world class firms in the retail and institutional business lines.

Mike's passion and commitment to the financial professional population is well known throughout the industry. He is a frequent keynote speaker on the topics of digital marketing, social media, digital video and mobile strategy at events sponsored by broker dealers, wire houses, asset management firms and others with large populations of distributed financial professionals.